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The long-term objective of this database is to maintain a database of non-resident Nepali residing in the US. The database is designed to capture information about the education and profession of every individual listed. In the short term, we expect this database to help in the following ways. 


(1) It is expected to facilitate networking among professionals in the same field 

(2) It is expected to provide help from experts to younger generations or newcomers in the field. In other words, it will foster mentoring opportunities and experts helping the community with the expertise they have

(3) This database is expected to help in forming self-assembled groups to collaborate in establishing projects in Nepal for the betterment of Nepali and Nepal.

(4) Last but not the least, the database showcases the strength of knowledge and skills that could be used when NRNA NCC communicates with the Nepal Government for possible partnerships between the Nepali Government and Nepali diaspora residing in the US.