NRNA ID card

In many occasions, NRNA members have expressed their desire to carry a card for member identification purpose. National boards had tried, multiple times in the past, to develop and distribute identification cards. Although a limited success was attained, the momentum to develop NRNA Identity Card was gaining with time. During the first NRNA NCC of USA meeting held in September 17, 2017, in Baltimore MD,the national board formed a NRNA Identity Card distribution and benefit committee (NRNA Identity Card committee) under the chairmanship of Mr. Gopendra Bhattrai (Board Member, NRN NCC of USA). The purpose of the committee is to develop and distribute NRNA Identity Card to the members of the organization and explore benefits to the card holders. After the general assembly in Baltimore, we had a number of conversations with ICC members on different subjects. In particular, we discussed the NRNA Identity Card project and made them aware of our commitment to the members in the USA. In the first ICC meeting after the election in Kathmandu, Dr. Keshab Paudel (President NRNA NCC ofUSA) had an opportunity to explain and encourage the newly elected ICC members to join hands in developing and distributing NRNA Identity Card. As a result, in the same ICC meeting, a committee, headed by Sapila Rajbhandary (VP ICC) was created and ICC decided to develop uniform NRNA Identity Card to all of the members in the world.


NRNA Identity Card Committee:

1. Chair: Gopendra Bhattrai (IN)

2. Co-Chair: Pashupati Pandey (WA)


    1. Indira Tripathi (CA)

    2. Rewotiraj Adhikari (NC)

    3. Bhanu Kharel (TX)

    4. Ram Hari Adhikari (NY)

    5. Ram Babu Pandey (CA)

    6. Dilli Phuyal (IL)

    7. Prakash Sapkota (CO)


Since then, the NRNA Identity Card Committee has worked with NRNA NCC in the development, delivery and distribution of the card for the NRNA members in the US.Multiple suggestions were provided to ICC on design and content of the card. The committee has also informed the national board, state chapters and general members on the importance of updating their profile and uploading the pictures in the system. After the delivery, the committee members have been visiting and delivering the cards to the chapter executives. Some cards have also been delivered by mail. NRNA Identity Card is a Special Card: Since the same card is distribute to all the members in every continent it enriches you with a feeling that you belong to the global community. The card also can be used as a discount card. We have signed MOUs with 35 business owners in the USA. All those business owners have agreed to provide products and services on discounted rate. We are planning to sign MOUs with business in Nepal as well as all over the globe. The best thing about the card is that it is free. There are few thing that are fee in the world and NRNA Identity Card happens to be one of those.

Future Activities:

At this point of time, ICC is preparing for developing the second batch of NRNA Identity Cards. We would like to request all NRNA members, who have not uploaded their picture so far, to update their profile and upload their picture. Please follow the instructions attached to this email. The instructions will guide you to reset your password, update your profile and upload a picture. Uploading a passport size picture is required for developing NRNA Identity card. Your profile information (full name, membership type, membership number and picture) will be used to develop your NRNA Identity Card. After the cards are developed and delivered, NRNA Identity Card committee in coordination with state chapters will deliver the cards to the members in the country.