Census 2020

Census 2020 Promotion Taskforce

Census 2020 Promotion Taskforce was formed as Senior Vice President Dr. Arjun Banjade as its Chair and all chapter presidents as its members. Besides, this Taskforce includes everyone who showed an interest in servicing in the committee through online application. This Taskforce is open to any Non Resident Nepali (NRN) in America who wants to join this initiative anytime.

NRNA NCC of USA - Census 2020 Taskforce
SN   Name Title State
1   Dr. Arjun Banjade Chair Census 2020 Taskforce
2   Dr. Arjun Aryal Member Census 2020 Taskforce
3   Dr. Matrika Chapagain  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
4   Dr. Niraj Shrestha Member Census 2020 Taskforce
5   Dr. Tara Sigdel  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
6   Mr. Bal B Rai Member Census 2020 Taskforce
7   Mr. Bimal Adhikari Member Census 2020 Taskforce
8   Mr. Binod Kuikel  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
9   Mr. Binod Thapa  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
10   Mr. Dambar Kadariya Member Census 2020 Taskforce
11   Mr. Daya shakya  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
12   Mr. Dilip Baniya Member Census 2020 Taskforce
13   Mr. Dilu Parajuli  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
14   Mr. Dol Nath Ghimire  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
15   Mr. Gagan Chhetri  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
16   Mr. Ganesh Bhandari Member Census 2020 Taskforce
17   Mr. Ghanashyam Khadka  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
18   Mr. Hari Prasad Joshi  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
19   Mr. Jeevan Pokhare Member Census 2020 Taskforce
20   Mr. Keshab Baral  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
21   Mr. Khem Khatiwada Member Census 2020 Taskforce
22   Mr. Khuma Nanda Sharma  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
23   Mr. Krishna Bhandari  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
24   Mr. Krishna Laban DC  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
25   Mr. Kumar jung karki  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
26   Mr. Mohan Neupane Member Census 2020 Taskforce
27   Mr. Pankaj Khadka Member Census 2020 Taskforce
28   Mr. Philip KC  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
29   Mr. Prem Sangroula  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
30   Mr. Prem Tamang  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
31   Mr. Rajesh Aryal  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
32   Mr. Raju Bajaj Lamichhane Member Census 2020 Taskforce
33   Mr. Ram Hari Bhandari  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
34   Mr. Ramhari Adhikari,  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
35   Mr. Samar Budathoki  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
36   Mr. Samba Lamichhane  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
37   Mr. Shusil Kandel  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
38   Mr. Shyam Karki  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
39   Mr. Subash Kuman Baitha Member Census 2020 Taskforce
40   Mr. Sundari Gurung  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
41   Mr. Surendra Malla  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
42   Mr. Tuk Regmi  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
43   Mrs. Tara Marahattha  Member Census 2020 Taskforce
44   Mrs. Urmilla Shrestha Member Census 2020 Taskforce
    Connecticut Chapter: Complete Count Committee    
SN   Name Title State
1   Mr. Hari Prasad Joshi Chair CT
2   Mr. Arjun Debkota Member CT
3   Mr. Ganesh Aryal Member CT
4   Mr. Ghanshyam Khadka Member CT
5   Mr. KP Bhatt Member CT
6   Mr. Labdeb Joshi Member CT
7   Mr. Lok Bahadur Thapa Member CT
8   Mr. Madhu Adhikari Member CT
9   Mr. Narayan Mishra Member CT
10   Mr. Pitambar Adhikari Member CT
11   Mrs. Sunita Pandey Member CT
    Iowa Chapter: Complete Count Committee    
SN   Name Title State
1   Mr. Aryan Gautam Chair IA
2   Dr.Ritu Gurung Member IA
3   Mr. Bikal Adhikari Member IA
4   Mr. Devi Bastola Member IA
5   Mr. Dhurba Aryal Member IA
6   Mr. Ganga Parsai Member IA
7   Mr. Kiran Basnet Member IA
8   Mr. Lakpha Sherpa Member IA
9   Mr. Mahendra Basnet Member IA
10   Mr. Mani Poudel Member IA
11   Mr. Pradeep Poudel Member IA
12   Mr. Radesh Pandit Member IA
13   Mr. Raghu Acharya Member IA
14   Mr. Rajendra Raj Sedhain Member IA
15   Mr. Ramesh KC Member IA
16   Mr. Ramesh Pandit Member IA
17   Mr. Sanjay Shrestha Member IA
18   Mr. Shambhu Poudel Member IA
19   Mr. Shanrengi Sherpa Member IA
20   Mr. Sushil Thapa Member IA
21   Mrs. Bindu Parsai Member IA
22   Mrs. Chandika Poudel Member IA
23   Mrs. Gayatri Acharya Member IA
24   Mrs. Pabitra Basnet Member IA
25   Mrs. Sabitri Bastola Member IA
26   Mrs. Sarita Pandit Member IA
27   Mrs. Shila Pandit Member IA
28   Mrs. Shila Sherpa Member IA
29   Mrs. Siru Basnet Member IA
    Kansas Chapter: Complete Count Committee    
SN   Name Title State
1   Mr. Dinesh Gurung Chair KS
2   Mr. Purushottam Shrestha Co-Chair KS
4   Mr. Uttam Basnet Co-Chair KS
3   Mr. Rajesh Karki Member Secretary KS
    Kentukey Chapter: Complete Count Committee    
SN   Name Title State
1   Mr. Shasi Chandra Adhikari Chair KY
2   Mr. Badri Dahal Co-Chair KY
3   Mr. Keshav Raj Lohani Co-Chair KY
4   Mr. Pradip Bista Co-Chair KY
5   Mr. Prakash Sharma Co-Chair KY
6   Mr. Samba P Lamichhane Member Secretary KY
7   Mr. Anu Chritkar Advisor KY
8   Mr. Dilu Ram Parajuli Advisor KY
9   Mr. Gopal Nepal Advisor KY
10   Mr. Laxmi Khadka Advisor KY
11   Mr. Arjun Kishor Neupane Member KY
12   Mr. Arjun Thapa Member KY
13   Mr. Birendra Adhikari Member KY
14   Mr. Channu Bhattarai Member KY
15   Mr. Damaru Poudel Member KY
16   Mr. Dibya Raj Koirala Member KY
17   Mr. Diwakar Bhatta Member KY
18   Mr. Gopal Kandel Member KY
19   Mr. Hari Pandey Member KY
20   Mr. Mohani Dumre Member KY
21   Mr. Nabin Tiwari Member KY
22   Mr. Nasim Ansari Member KY
23   Mr. Parshu R Acharya Member KY
24   Mr. Poshraj Bhujel Member KY
25   Mr. Raj K Lamichhane Member KY
26   Mr. Suman Dahal Member KY
27   Mr. Thirlal Aryal Member KY
28   Mrs. Rekha Joshi Member KY
29   Mrs. Uma Upreti Ojha Member KY
    Maryland Chapter: Complete Count Committee    
SN   Name Title State
1   Mr. Dolnath Ghimire Chair MD
2   Mr. Anandakrishna Ghimire Member MD
3   Mr. Baburam Dhakal Member MD
4   Mr. Bishnu Baral Member MD
5   Mr. Bishnu Ghimire Member MD
6   Mr. Dhan Gurung Member MD
7   Mr. Dipendra Pokhrel Member MD
8   Mr. Indra Thapa  Member MD
9   Mr. Jagannath Koirala Member MD
10   Mr. Jyoti Ranabhat Member MD
11   Mr. Mahesh Bhattarai Member MD
12   Mr. Narayan Kadel Member MD
13   Mr. Pal Regmi Member MD
14   Mr. Prem Kumar Shrestha Member MD
15   Mr. Purna Barali Member MD
16   Mr. Rajendra Century Member MD
17   Mr. Raju Parajuli Member MD
18   Mr. Ramchandra Adhikari Member MD
19   Mr. Ramesh Bhatt Member MD
20   Mr. Shalik Wagle Member MD
21   Mr. Shashi Thapa Member MD
22   Mr. Shrijan Tamrakar Member MD
    Michigan Chapter: Complete Count Committee    
SN   Name Title State
1   Mr. Ganesh Bhandari Chair MI
2   Mr. Narayan Bhatta Co-Chair MI
3   Mr. Arun Dani Member MI
4   Mr. Ashok Aryal Member MI
5   Mr. Gagan L Shrestha Member MI
6   Mr. Ghanshyam Pandey Member MI
7   Mr. Himal Regmi Member MI
8   Mr. Jagan Bhatt Member MI
9   Mr. Keshav Pokhrel Member MI
10   Mr. Laxman Pandey Member MI
11   Mr. Madhav Aryal Member MI
12   Mr. Rojan Shrestha Member MI
13   Mrs. Ambika Dhakal Member MI
14   Mrs. Nisha Thapa Member MI
15   Mrs. Yashoda Lamichhane Member MI
    North Carolina Chapter: Complete Count Committee    
SN   Name Title State
1   Mr. Basudev Bhatt Chair NC
2   Mrs. Anita Koirala Co-Chair NC
3   Mr. Bhoj R Gautam Member NC
4   Mr. Dipak Ranabhat Member NC
5   Mr. Keshav Khanal Member NC
6   Mr. Nabin Pradhan Member NC
7   Mr. Pradeep Pantha Member NC
8   Mr. Raj Ghimire Member NC
9   Mr. Rajdeep KC Member NC
10   Mr. Ram Thapa Member NC
11   Mr. Rupesh Bhatta Member NC
12   Mr. Sagar Gautam Member NC
13   Mr. Shiva Sharma Member NC
14   Mr. Sudan Gaire Member NC
15   Mr. Sudan Thapa Member NC
16   Mrs. Indira March Member NC
17   Mrs. Nisha Acharya Dhakal Member NC
18   Mrs. Rachana Subedi Member NC
19   Mrs. Surya Sharma Member NC
20   Dr. chiranjibi Bhattarai Advisor NC
21   Mr. Binay Aryal Advisor NC
22   Mr. Kulananda Sharma Advisor NC
23   Mr. Rabindra Karki Advisor NC
    New Hemisphere Chapter: Complete Count Committee    
SN   Name Title State
1   Mr. Sundari Gurung Chair NH
2   Mr. Kamal Dhungana Co-Chair NH
3   Mr. Basanta Pokhrel Member NH
4   Mr. Bheshraj Sharma Member NH
5   Mr. Dil Bahadur Gurung Member NH
6   Mr. Ghanshyam Subedi Member NH
7   Mr. Harimaya Khatiwada Member NH
8   Mr. Ishwari Bhatt Member NH
9   Mr. Kumar Bhattarai Member NH
10   Mr. Lakpa Sherpa Member NH
11   Mr. Lok Lama Member NH
12   Mr. Madhav Gurung Member NH
13   Mr. Min Gautam Member NH
14   Mr. Mohan Giri Member NH
15   Mr. Mon Gurung Member NH
16   Mr. Mukti Narayan Rai Member NH
17   Mr. Paisal Pokhrel Member NH
18   Mr. Pramod Neupane Member NH
19   Mr. Prasanna Sangaula Member NH
20   Mr. Rabin Thapa Member NH
21   Mr. Rajendra Raut Member NH
22   Mr. Ram Bhandari Member NH
23   Mr. Ram Krishna Shrestha Member NH
24   Mr. Sachin Rai Member NH
25   Mr. Shambhu Gurung Member NH
26   Mr. Shanta Bisht Member NH
27   Mr. Shekhar Rai Member NH
28   Mr. Shiv Kumar Rai Member NH
29   Mr. Sudip Adhikari Member NH
30   Mr. Tilak Shrestha Member NH
31   Mr. Top Gurung Member NH
32   Mr. Umesh Koirala Member NH
33   Mrs. Anita Pokhrel Member NH
34   Mrs. Anu Pant Member NH
35   Mrs. Bavita Gurung Member NH
36   Mrs. Chhatra Kumari Gurung Member NH
37   Mrs. Pavita Pariyar Member NH
38   Mrs. Regina Nepal Member NH
    New Jersey Chapter: Complete Count Committee    
SN   Name Title State
1   Mr. Surya Mohan Tiwari Chair NJ
2   Mr. Kamal Koirala Co-Chair NJ
3   Mr. Khadga B Pulmi (Bikki)  Member NJ
4   Mr. Krishnaraj Subedi (Krish)  Member NJ
5   Mr. Rajendra Karki  Member NJ
6   Mr. Shaker Poudel  Member NJ
7   Mr. Shiva Aganja  Member NJ
8   Mrs. Lakshmi Sherchan  Member NJ
9   Mrs. Sushma Aryal  Member NJ
10   Dr. Bishnu Maya Pariyar  Advisor NJ
11   Mr. Bishow Baral  Advisor NJ
12   Mr. Sammer B. Budhathoki  Advisor NJ
13   Mr. Shree Parajuli  Advisor NJ
14   Mr. Yam Adhikari Advisor NJ
    Nevada Chapter: Complete Count Committee    
SN   Name Title State
1   Mr. Bal Bahadur Rai Chair NV
2   Dr. Bipin Saud Member NV
3   Dr. Sudir Khemka Member NV
4   Mr. Bhagirath Shrestha Member NV
5   Mr. Biswadip Lamsal Member NV
6   Mr. Deepak Sherchan Member NV
7   Mr. Durga Pyakurel Member NV
8   Mr. Galjen Sherpa Member NV
9   Mr. Kiran Sharma Member NV
10   Mr. Laba Pratab Singh Member NV
11   Mr. Mani Ghimire Member NV
12   Mr. Prakash Gyawali Member NV
13   Mr. Pranim Shrestha Member NV
14   Mr. Raj Kumar Dhimal Member NV
15   Mr. Som Nath Rana Member NV
16   Mr. Sujan Pandey Member NV
17   Mr. Sujan Shakya Member NV
18   Mr. Suresh Marasini Member NV
19   Mr. Suresh Shrestha Member NV
    New York Chapter: Complete Count Committee    
SN   Name Title State
1   Mr. Ram Hari Adhikari Chair NY
2   Mr. Reemaya Nepali Co-Chair NY
3   Mr. Mahesh K Khadka Member Secretary NY
4   Mr. Aakur Luitel Meadia Representative NY
5   Mr. Yadab Bastola Community Liasion NY
6   Mr. Anil Adhikari Media Representative NY
7   Mr. Anujang Thapa Magar Member NY
8   Mr. Arun Chhetri Member NY
9   Mr. Rajya Laxmi Karmacharya Member NY
10   Mr. Shiva B Baniya Member NY
11   Dr Hari Dahal Advisor NY
12   Mr. Babu Ram Lama Advisor NY
13   Mr. Binod Ruwali Advisor NY
14   Mr. Gyanal Thapa Advisor NY
15   Mr. Khim Bikram Bhattarai Advisor NY
16   Mr. Nabin Sherchan Advisor NY
17   Mr. Pramod Sitaula Advisor NY
18   Mr. Sanjay Thapa Advisor NY
19   Mr. Shyam K Gurung Advisor NY
20   Mr. Vishnu Rana Magar Advisor NY
    Oregon Chapter: Complete Count Committee    
SN   Name Title State
1   Mr. Laxman Darlamee Chair OR
2   Mr. Alisha Mitchel Member OR
3   Mr. Bharat Baskota Member OR
4   Mr. Bikram Vaidya Member OR
5   Mr. Niranjan Shrestha Member OR
6   Mr. Padam J Thapa Member OR
7   Mr. Prajwal Bjracharya Member OR
8   Mr. Trilochan Paudyal Member OR
    Tennessee Chapter: Complete Count Committee    
SN   Name Title State
1   Mr. Pankaj Khadka Chair TN
2   Mr. Narayan Bhusal Co-Chair TN
3   Mr. Yogesh Dhungana Co-Chair TN
4   Mr. Amit Bikram Member TN
5   Mr. Bimal Khadka Member TN
6   Mr. Ganesh Basnet Member TN
7   Mr. Kashi Gurung Member TN
8   Mr. Lekhnath Pokharel Member TN
9   Mr. Sanjeev Ghimire Member TN
10   Mr. Sumit Aryal Member TN
11   Mr. Suraj Sharma Member TN
12   Mr. Yadav Sapkota Member TN
    Texas Chapter: Complete Count Committee    
SN   Name Title State
1   Mr. Rajesh Aryal Chair TX
2   Dr Prakash Shrestha Co-Chair TX
3   Mr. Bishnu Bhandari Co-Chair TX
4   Mr. Sophin Thapa Co-Chair TX
5   Mr. Tikal Bhandari Co-Chair TX
6   Mr. Vivek Rajbahak Co-Chair TX
7   Mr. Yagya Pandey Co-Chair TX
8   Dr. Basu Panthi  Member TX
9   Mr. Baburam Aryal  Member TX
10   Mr. Bhola Acharya Member TX
11   Mr. Bikash Thapa Member TX
12   Mr. Daman Raj Shahi Member TX
13   Mr. Deepak Baniya Member TX
14   Mr. Himal Tumbahangphe Member TX
15   Mr. Jhankar Kunwar Member TX
16   Mr. Prakash Bhatta Member TX
17   Mr. Prashant KC  Member TX
18   Mr. Rajib Shrestha Member TX
19   Mr. Resham Gharti Member TX
20   Mr. Santosh Parajuli  Member TX
21   Mr. Sarada Shrestha Member TX
22   Mr. Shree Krishna Gautam Member TX
23   Mr. Tuk Prasad Chapagain Member TX
24   Mr. Ubraj KC Member TX
25   Mr. Umesh Shrestha Member TX
26   Mrs. Sabita Subedi Member TX
    Washington Chapter: Complete Count Committee    
SN   Name Title State
1   Mr. Gagan Chetry  Chair WA
2   Mr. Ananta Sharma Member WA
3   Mr. Barun Sharma Member WA
4   Mr. Dashrath Budhathoki Member WA
5   Mr. Durga Shrestha Member WA
6   Mr. Iswor Khosin Member WA
7   Mr. Krishna Sapkota Member WA
8   Mr. Mandira Pradhan Member WA
9   Mr. Prem Gurung Member WA
10   Mr. Sammer Bom Malla Member WA
11   Mr. Tanka Dahal Member WA
12   Mrs. Mitta Dhital Member WA
13   Mrs. Neelima Poudyal Member WA
    Wisconsin Chapter: Complete Count Committee    
SN   Name Title State
1   Mr. Dipak Thapa Chair WI
2   Mr. Hari Joshi Member WI
3   Mr. Hari Tiwari Member WI
4   Mr. Lok Raj Bhatta Member WI
5   Mr. Rabindra Upreti Member WI
6   Mr. Raju Giri Member WI
7   Mr. Sambhu Lamichhane Member WI
8   Mr. Santosh Lamichhane Member WI
9   Mr. Thanda Raj Timilsina Member WI