This Fund was established in 2007 to honor the legacy of educator, visionary and community leader Dr. Mohan Narayan Shrestha. It was established by family and friends of Dr. Shrestha and will be used to further educational opportunities for children in Nepal. Dr. Shrestha was a professor of Geography at Bowling Green State University, and one of the first Nepalis to travel to the United States in pursuit of a Ph. D. program. Dr. Shrestha was a modest man of few words but immense heart. He touched the lives of all those around him – his friends who span the globe, his students who went on to become teachers, doctors, statesmen and ambassadors, and of course his family, fwwor whom he was a shining example of dharma in action – a man who sought nothing more in life than to follow his path, to spread his knowledge with an open heart.
He distinguished himself as an excellent student early in his life, graduating from high school at the age of 13, and earning Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees at 17. In each of the degrees he received in Nepal, he earned the position of 1st Class, and for his MA degree, his exam results were even more impressive – university wide, he scored the highest marks of any students taking the exam, in every subject area tested. These unequaled educational achievements earned him, in addition to his diplomas, three gold medals personally awarded to him by the King of Nepal.
Dr. Shrestha along with his wife Vijaya Laxmi was active in the Nepali community. Both, Dr. Shrestha and Mrs. Shrestha served in various capacities in Nepa Pasa Pucha, Association of Nepalis in Midwest America, Association of Nepalis in the Americas, and NRN NCC USA.